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If you are going to apply for a divorce and you have children, you need a lawyer who specializes in child custody cases. `Child Custody Lawyers Near Me’ will make it easy for you to gain access to a child custody lawyer. You will be able to understand about all the factors that courts will consider before taking a decision on which spouse will get the custody of children.

Factors considered by courts before deciding on child custody

Courts generally employ a standard that highlights the interests of children and gives highest priority to it before deciding on custody issues. The important factors that are taken into consideration are:


  • The age of the child.
  • Sex of the child.
  • Mental and physical health of the child and the parents.
  • Lifestyle of the parents.
  • Miscellaneous social factors – These factors may include things such as exposure of the children to cigarette smoking of the parent and the negative impacts of second hand smoke. Other factors that may be considered are the history of child abuse and the existence of an emotional bond between a parent and the children and the ability of a parent to guide the children properly. The ability of a parent to provide food, shelter, clothing and necessary medical care is also considered.
  • Living patterns of the children such as community impact, schooling, home and influence of religious institutions.
  • Quality of education that is being given to the children in the existing situation.
  • The extent of the impact that will be felt by the children when their status quo will be changed.
  • Preference of the children when they are above the age of twelve.


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Professional advice given by Child Custody Lawyers Nearby

In case of the factors that have been mentioned above not playing a significant part in a child custody case, `Child Custody Lawyers Near Me’ will give you expert advice through its recommended lawyers that will help in making the courts decide in favor of one parent over another. Most courts will try and focus on the parent who has the extra ability to offer a stable environment to the children and which of the parents would be able to foster the relationship with children in a better way when compared with other parent. When the children are very young, custody is generally awarded to that parent who can be considered as a primary care provider. When the children are slightly older and not yet reached adulthood, it could also mean awarding of custody to a parent who is in a better position to foster continuity in peer relationships, education and religious institutions.

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Child Custody Lawyers Can Help Improve Your Chances of Getting Custody of Your Children

`Child Custody Lawyers Near Me’ will help you locate professional help that will guide you in a smart way. If you were a parent who has moved out of your home in a huff and left your children with your spouse, it would not work in your favor. When you are on your own, you tend to take impulsive decisions that will make you regret later. Seeking child custody lawyers will help you understand the legal impact of your action, both in the present and also in the future.

There is a general belief that courts tend to favor mothers when compared with fathers for awarding child custody. This may not stand true in all occasions. Previously, most states had courts awarding the decision in favor of mothers when t came to custody of children who were of five years of age or under, when their parents divorced. Today, this type of rule has been pushed to the tiebreaker limits if both parents are equally capable of looking after their children. It is the child custody lawyer who plays a big part in arguing the case and how he or she proves that the children’s best interest would lie in the care and custody of a particular parent.

So, contact us today at `Child Custody Lawyers Near Me’ if you are applying for divorce and seeking child custody. If you are a father and you are seeking physical custody of your children after divorce, you need not be affected by stereotyping of genders. Contact `Child Custody Lawyers Near Me’ today. If you and your spouse are both full-time workers and the children go to centers that offer after-school care, you are actually on an even footing before the case begins. It all depends on how your child custody lawyer will convince the judge.

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Social Security Laws

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Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce and Child Custody Laws – You will need help from divorce and child custody lawyers if you want to understand all aspects of a divorce, ranging from several ways you can process the divorce proceedings and calculate child support. It’s important to chose a specialize lawyer near you.

Consideration of Special Issues When You Are a Gay or a Lesbian Parent and You Have Adopted Children

If you are a lesbian or a gay parent and you have adopted children, you may seek the help of `Child Custody Lawyers Near Me’ to gain access to the right lawyers who can help you seek the custody of the children or the rights to visitation. In several states, the sexual orientation of a parent will not be an obstacle and will not prevent a parent from being awarded custody or the visitation rights to the children. The judges will consider the best interest of the children in question. Contact `Child Custody Lawyers Near Me’ and get yourself a gay friendly lawyer that can protect your children’s custody rights today.